Illustration by Clarissa R. Gorreon

The heat is on

Imagine sitting in a classroom at Berchmans Hall. Sunlight is streaming in through the window, the harsh rays burning your skin. You’ve already run out of ways to cool down using your Philosophy reading (Habermas can only do so much)—ranging...

Illustration by Ria H. Arante

The year of the action girl

Quick, name the most memorable movie character of 2015. Chances are, there are only two answers to this question. Either it’s Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road or Rey from The Force Awakens. There can be other responses, but no one would...

Photo by Ella Eralino

Of blushes and brushes: Czari Domingo

It’s easy to see why so many people love working with Czari Domingo. Her eyes sparkle and, as she chatters on, it feels like passion in its most genuine form. Domingo began her beauty blog ( to help women with makeup, as...

Photo by Gab R. Mesina

A meal with Mil Crespo

We walk into Mil Crespo’s McKinley Hills residence, the windows of his studio apartment open and the scent of melting cheese filling the room. Our host graciously invites us in, asks us to make ourselves comfortable, elicits a smile, gives a...

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