Graphic by Annika N. Hernandez

2017 Grammy Awards Predictions

For a number of musicians, a Grammy award is the ultimate goal. For some, it can also be considered as the endpoint of their career, and for good reason. Taking the stage alongside the music industry’s best and to be acknowledged on international...

Review: Die Beautiful

It remains relatively uncommon for LGBT characters to be depicted with much depth in the Philippines; the all-too-common cliché of the flamboyantly gay comic relief character, without much other characterization, remains a popular trope in...

Graphic by Meg F. Villena


The Atenean org culture is present everywhere from the dancing mobs of OrSem to the flood of social media blasts on Sunday nights and the buzz of tambay week activities in the SEC foyers. The Loyola Schools is a mélange of 53 accredited...

Review: Vince & Kath & James

Few things are as satisfying as a good love story, and if there’s anything Filipino cinema has mastered over the decades, it’s telling them. There’s certainly a lot of dreck—the byproducts of an industry that often sacrifices quality and...

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