Photo by Marco T. Torrijos

Tenement: Born and bred on the streets

Tenement’s distinct style is simple, yet intriguing enough to grab your attention. Whether it’s the subtle graphics displayed on their caps, or the louder designs adorning the backs of their tees, there’s something about the brand that feels...

Graphic by Bea K. Venezuela

The Oscar Checklist: 2017 Edition

With the Oscar season once again kicking into gear, prospective and speculative winners have begun crawling out of the woodwork. From large-scale prestige pictures to smaller, more intimate affairs, Oscar-worthy films can come in all sorts of...

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The perfect getaway

Ateneans are no strangers to stress. Be it academics or org work, the weariness we get feels all the same and usually leaves us drained by the end of the week. Sometimes, all we need is a quick weekend getaway to unwind and recharge. The question of...

Graphic by Inya de Vera

Riding the wave: The stars of the UAAP

Being a student-athlete is no easy feat. Juggling school requirements, training rigorously, making time for friends and family, and striking the perfect balance can prove to be difficult. Keeping their lives private has also become a herculean task...

JACK OF ALL TRADES. Filipino professor Alvin Yapan talks about his greatest works and how he balances his responsibilities to the Ateneo and his passion for filmography. Photo by Jeff Pascual

Alvin Yapan: Triple threat

On some days, Alvin Yapan goes through the regular routine of being a professor in the Ateneo: he goes to class, conducts mind-boggling lectures, checks migraine-worthy papers, and caps off the day in the confines of his office in Dela Costa. On...

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