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Belle takes pride in having voluntarily eaten horsemeat, large lizards and snakes—albeit at different times. Besides al dente and reptile-free pasta, she enjoys making terrible puns. With an iron fist and liver, she toasts to big dreams, bigger hair and sharper eyeliner wings.

Review: Flower Boy

Tyler, the Creator’s latest album, Flower Boy, presents fans with an introspective project that serves to ground Tyler both as a person and as an artist. His brash and headstrong personality is...

Review: Divide

Claiming both immense commercial and critical success in 2017 was Ed Sheeran’s album, Divide. Nielsen Music, which measures music sales and overall market performance, ranks the album as the top...

Review: Harry Styles

“It’s surprisingly good” is probably a line you’ve heard people toss around when talking about Harry Styles’s self-titled debut. Having already earned his star status as part of the biggest...

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