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Behind the red and black stall at one corner of JSEC, the phrase “Buena onda is displayed. A Spanish saying that translates to “good vibes,” it’s a symbol of joy and belongingness in Spanish communities, something that Barchurro wants to replicate in JSEC with their authentic churros.


Barchurro’s pride is the fried-to-order churros. Served either plain, sugar-coated, or cinnamon sugar-coated, these thin, golden brown sticks of choux are made with a family recipe that has been passed down for generations and is often paired with chocolate, which is also served by the stall.

The Cinnamon Sugar Churros is adequately crispy, with a satisfying texture once chewed. They are a little doughy and need better coating of cinnamon sugar, but the oiliness is kept in check and the sweetness is palatable. The chocolate paired with the churros is not too rich and has that perfect balance of sweet and bitter. It is a perfectly velvety consistency for drinking, but as a dip for the churros, it doesn’t really adhere well to the pastry. The Red Velvet Churros is less doughy than the cinnamon sugar and ends with a subtle note of chocolate. The white chocolate with it has just the right amount of sweetness, too, and is pleasantly milky, making the two a perfect pairing.

The stall also serves rice meals. The Salpicao is delightful, balancing the soy and the garlic properly to create a very satisfying, savory sauce that complements the beef and the mushrooms. On the other hand, the beef is properly cooked, tender without the sinew being too chewy.


The red and black colors and the lights hung above the stall give off a Catalan vibe. The servers call out your name when ordering, which is a nice touch of the Qué Pasa (What’s up?) concept that the stall is going for.

Value for money

The churros don’t feel satisfying enough for the price they’re sold at, and the chocolate doesn’t feel substantial enough to be both a dip and a drink as they envision. The Salpicao is of decent amount, but can leave one unsatisfied at the end of the meal.

Final Verdict

Barchurro nails the concept of a Catalan churro stall, but with errors in execution and overall satisfaction with their product, it doesn’t really deliver a perfect experience. It can be a go-to for your sweet tooth-induced cravings, but it isn’t exactly a staple yet in JSEC.

Rating: 4/5


Photo by Aga Olympia.

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