Baybayin review

In JSEC’s decade-long history, a great number of stores have offered Filipino food. For any particular stall to stand out, then, it must offer a fresh take on Filipino cuisine while also staying true to its roots. Baybayin is the latest entrant in the long line of such JSEC stalls. To cut to the chase: It makes the cut. Here’s why.


Baybayin’s delectable, sweet Tapa is the best pick. Garnished with onions, topped with creamy mayo, and served with Filipino favorite Mang Tomas sauce, the dish offers a fresh yet familiar take on the dish. The Lechon Kawali doesn’t disappoint either, offering that greasy package one expects, but adding mangoes in for a twist. It can be said the dish has too much fat, but that’s just Lechon Kawali being itself.

The chicken skin side dish deserves a special mention: It has the crunchy, fried goodness of chicharon, paired with Pinoy-style vinegar on the side. Order it with the lechon for best results.


A JSEC stall offering Filipino food is either of two things: They are indispensable mainstays, or otherwise a dime a dozen. While Baybayin doesn’t bring anything dish-shattering to the table, it doesn’t fall in the latter category either.

Value for money

Baybayin’s dishes—especially the combo meals with sides that cost Php 120—are universally filling and delicious. They are good value for money.

Final verdict

Has Baybayin done enough to distinguish itself from the long line of Filipino JSEC stalls? Yes, it has. If you’re looking for homemade dishes with a modern twist, this is the place to go.

Rating: 4/5


Photo by Trina Camacho.

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