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Not everyone who majors in business thinks only of money. The big shot CEO of a corporation may have a secret love for the abstractness of philosophy. Mark Zuckerberg, for all we know, spends his free time watching Martha Stewart and baking on the weekends. People are capable of doing more than just one thing (Look, Ma, two hands!) and courses offered in a college curriculum are only a tenth of the stuff we’re actually interested in.

School, then, isn’t the only place for learning. Knowledge isn’t just confined within classroom walls—it extends evermore outwards. And it’s infinite, much like the space that contains it in this day and age: The Internet.

This month, Vantage has compiled a list of online resources of how-to videos and tutorial websites that you can use to both supplement your subjects in school and fuel your secret passions.

For the artists

No Film School



This website is geared towards providing the knowledge needed to create quality filmmakers—“no film school” required. It provides step-by-step tutorials on creating your own movies, tips and tricks, as well as news about the film industry. (http://nofilmschool.com)

The Bastards Book of Photography



The Bastards Book of Photography is a guide to working with cameras and lighting. It’s perfect for students without prior knowledge on photography or any special equipment. (http://photography.bastardsbook.com)

Write Well



From writing good thesis statements to engaging readers, Macalester College’s “Write Well” section on their website attempts to train amateur writers in their most basic and essential skills. (http://macalester.edu/academics/writewell)

Music Theory



Musictheory.net features a series of easy to understand lessons on basic music theory. The site even offers interactive exercises to test your knowledge and understanding. (http://musictheory.net)

For the science geeks




MinutePhysics is a series of educational YouTube videos created by Henry Reich that use time-lapse drawings to explain physics-related topics in under five minutes! (http://youtube.com/minutephysics)




Created by Michael Stevens, VSauce is the mother channel to several smaller YouTube channels that produce videos relating to different scientific topics and other areas of general interest, such as gaming, culture and technology. (http://youtube.com/Vsauce)

Vi Hart



Vi Hart—short for Victoria Hart—is a self-proclaimed “recreational mathemusician” who produces mathematical videos on Youtube. Among her many videos is an excellent short film explaining the science and mathematics of sound, frequency and pitch. (http://youtube.com/vihart)




The most popular supplemental math education channel on Youtube based on views and subscribers, Patrick uses the how-to video style that covers almost every math lesson you’ve ever taken in the classroom. (http://youtube.com/PatrickJMT)




SciShow is a series of YouTube science-related videos hosted by Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers. It covers almost all fields of science, from chemistry to nutrition. (http://youtube.com/SciShow)

A little bit of everything

Crash Course



Crash Course focuses on several different fields such as psychology, literature and history. As the name suggests, it compacts each field into a series of short but comprehensive videos. (http://youtube.com/crashcourse)

Changing Minds



Set on reshaping “what others think, believe, feel and do,” Changing Minds offers a huge database of articles, concepts and theories on varying disciplines like leadership, politics and marketing. (http://changingminds.org)




Austhink is dedicated to teaching critical thinking and reasoning. It provides tutorials and exercises designed to help you formulate better arguments and think more logically. (http://austhink.com/reason/tutorials)

G.P. Grey



C.G.P. Grey’s brief and entertaining videos explain—and ultimately simplify—complex social, political and geographic subjects in such a way that they can be understood by almost anyone. (http://youtube.com/CGPGrey)

Gregory B. Sadler, PhD



With over a decade of professional experience under his belt, Dr. Gregory B. Sadler, PhD shares his wide knowledge and understanding of philosophy through his interesting and informative videos. (http://youtube.com/gbisadler)

Ted Talks



Ted is famous for its vision of “ideas worth spreading.” The site is filled with hundreds of captivating videos from renowned names and faces set to teach, inspire and provoke thought. (http://ted.com)

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    Oct 26, 2014 - 10:06 PM

    Coursera and Schoology are some very helpful websites for e-learning. You guys could’ve included them here. Nice article though!

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