¡Fuego! review

Even before you see the stall, a whiff of Fuego’s garlic sauces and rich meat will leave your mouth watering. Once you do get a meal from the counter of Mexican-themed banderitas and and colorful lights, you won’t only have your taste buds satisfied, but both your stomach and wallet as well.


Among the array of dishes Fuego serves, their burritos and nachos are their most popular items. The burritos are packed with flavor from its cut veggies, juicy meats, and thick sauce. The nachos, on the other hand, are coated with a good balance of sauce and toppings: crunchy enough that they don’t feel soggy, but juicy enough that it never leaves your mouth dry. Unlike typical Mexican flavors, Fuego’s food isn’t to the hot and spicy degree, but leans towards the tangier, zestier side. Thus, it appeals to even those who may not be as adventurous with food.


When first forming the concept of Fuego, the owners wanted to bring food that appeals to the Filipino taste. Mexican-themed stalls haven’t been part of the JSEC selection for the past two years. This separates it from the usual choices, but close enough to Filipino comfort food. The stall itself is eye-catching, much like their dishes. Fuego’s owners wanted to portray a fiesta feast, decorated with bright colors and ornate fonts.  

Value for money

The prices range from Php 90-100, which are normal for JSEC food, but are pricey against other sandwiches and snack foods. However, what’s surprising is how filling these servings can be. The nachos of Php 100 can feed up to three people and still leave them content, making it great for barkada sharing. The burrito of Php 90 is lined with rice and thick sauce that is so compact, making it perfect as a quick but hearty lunch in between classes.

Final Verdict

Fuego delivers on both value meals and good food, making it a safe choice for those who don’t like the risk of getting a mismatch between the two. It has dishes and servings suited for almost everyone’s preference. Whether it’s on-the-go burritos, hearty rice meals, or made-to-share nachos, they’ve got it.

Rating: 4.5/5

EDITOR’S NOTE: Adrian M. Goh, one of The GUIDON’s Research Managers, is the marketing officer and co-owner of the ¡Fuego! stall. He was not directly involved in the reviewing process.

Photo by Zach Garcia.

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