Ian Pangilinan: The campus crush


Ian Pangilinan: The campus crush

By Frances L. Matugas

Ateneo’s “campus crush who’s here to make you blush,” is incoming Management Engineering junior Ian Pangilinan. He describes himself as a “chill guy who’s a little bit fly.” His hosting personality is similarly down low and a lot more relaxed compared to his upbeat, frenetic co-hosts. Despite his laid-back personality, he laughingly admits that he can also be really kenkoy (funny and playful).

Although he’s hosted many other events and gigs, Ian shares that OrSem is a project he holds dear to his heart. “When I entered college for the first time, I already told myself that I’d make the most out of everything. Wala nang pabebe (There shouldn’t be any restraint),” he says. “OrSem was really the project that showed me [that] college wasn’t that bad pala.”

Drawing from his own experience, Ian mentions that OrSem is one of the best ways to welcome the freshies. “[It’s because] you have all these people genuinely making an effort to make you feel welcome in Ateneo,” he explains. “If you have that kind of environment…what’s there to be scared of?”

More than welcoming the freshies into Ateneo, Ian wants to share his advocacy of corporate sustainability to the freshies. Through reading books about nature when he was younger, Ian found a love for the environment that has stayed with him ever since. “My way of doing that something for the environment is by creating business that has good environmental impact,” Ian shares. “[Now] that I’m doing the arts, I use my platform to enlighten people on the business side [of how to] save the world.”

For his message to the freshies, Ian says, “Don’t waste your first couple of days here in Ateneo being so conscious.” He adds, “Really savor every moment! You only experience OrSem once. Make the most of the opportunity. Once you’re in OrSem, go all out.”


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