Pub Room Sessions: Over October part II

Over October melted hearts during OrSem, with their heartfelt lyrics and sound reminiscent of the pop-rock bands you listened to in high school. Now, Vantage puts the spotlight on this group of talented juniors, with three members hailing from the Ateneo. The band, composed of Josh Buizon (lead vocals), Joshua Lua (guitar/back-up vocals), Anton Rodriguez (electric guitar), Joric Canlas (bass), and Janessa Geronimo (drums), initially formed after the Ateneo Musicians Pool (AMP)’s annual recital. You can check them out on their SoundCloud (OverOctoberPH) or follow them on Twitter (@OverOctoberPH)! But for now, check out our latest installment of Vantage’s Pub Room Sessions and get ready to swoon.


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