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Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 reviews

By the time December 25th rolls around, the annual Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) takes over theaters nationwide. Each year, several Filipino-produced films are handpicked to make up the MMFF roster. All foreign films are barred from theaters starting Christmas Day till the first weekend of January, to ensure that only MMFF films are shown. Truly, the long-running MMFF is considered as the most popular (and yes, controversial) film fest in the country. Vantage runs down the eight different films featured in this year’s festival.

Click on the posters below to read each review.


All of You 2017 movie poster.jpgGandarrappido The Revenger Squad Official Poster.jpegDeadma Walking.jpg

Meant to Beh poster.jpgAng Larawan MMFF poster.jpgAng Panday (2017 film) Official Poster.jpegSiargao officialposter.jpgHaunted Forest 2017 movie poster.jpg

Posters retrieved from the official Facebook page of Metro Manila Film Festival.

Featured photo retrieved from teammag.ph



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