An outré trilogy: A review of Triptiko

Life throws us so many curveballs that sometimes, we are left reeling. Even then, we need to take a step back to reassess. It is not any different in the film Triptiko (2017). Directed by Mico Michelena, Triptiko is a trilogy of unrelated short films featuring outlandish stories that leave the audience squirming in their seats.

“Swerte,” the first story, features Albie Casiño as Jake. After getting lucky one night, Jake experiences a series of bad luck. Casiño’s character had very little time for development, leaving the audience frustrated in trying to understand his reactions throughout the film.

“Hinog,” the film’s second story, stars Joseph Marco as Jason, a male model plagued by the growth of mysterious boils. The sudden illness prompts him to seek help through unorthodox methods.

Marco’s portrayal of Jason, who is pompous and selfish throughout the film, can be described as awkward at worst and respectable at best. Jason’s expressions were not genuinely embodied by Marco, which made his character execution fall flat.

If “Swerte” focused on possible real-life experiences, and “Hinog” on Filipino mythology, “Musikerong John,” the third and last story, is undoubtedly the most bizarre of them all. Nevertheless, the story can be described as lyrical and even poetic, especially with the choice of folk music as main soundtrack.

Kean Cipriano stars as John, while Kylie Padilla plays Ann, John’s significant other. Their acting in “Musikerong John” is commendable. The lines and expressions seemed to have come naturally to Cipriano. Despite her lack of speaking lines, Padilla portrayed Ann’s instability with superb and genuine acting.

Some of Triptiko’s scenes seemed dragging, with majority of the shots having dark lighting. Though it did add an ominous feel in some shots, the shadows were mostly placed in awkward spots that made it hard for the audience to see the actors’ faces and expressions.

Overall, Triptiko is a thriller that keeps viewers on edge, delving into the realms of the physical, mythological, and even the impossible.

Rating: 3.5/5

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