We are The GUIDON’s online magazine, a new publication geared towards campus culture and the people who make it.

In line with the massive potential of the online medium, our mission is to take student journalism into the 21st century. From documentaries to interactive quizzes, to story submissions from the readers themselves, this magazine is a step away from pretense and towards accessibility. It’s a place to share stories and to join in on discussions—a place for people to engage with the publication.

For the past 86 years, The GUIDON has established itself as a voice of the students, promising a platform for your stories and your opinions to be heard. For everything from food to film, we are that platform.

This is for the musicians. This is for the foodies. This is for the neophytes, the aficionados and all the in-betweens. This is for the storytellers. This is for you.

Welcome to the homepage of the Atenean.

Welcome to Vantage.


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