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With every new school year comes new beginnings. With the first semester already nearly halfway done, students are slowly getting used to the daily hustle and bustle of schoolwork. While these past few weeks have been an exciting new beginning for the fresh-faced freshmen excitedly roaming around campus, a new challenge awaits the seniors just months away from graduating—their senior thesis project.

While the stress of thesis is inevitable, the venues where students work may actually ease some of the pressure and help them work more efficiently. While some thesis projects are done individually, some require spacious venues conducive for group discussions. The venue should also be a place that allows people to talk freely to each other, while being quiet enough for you to still work on your own.  Aside from the usual coffee shops that offer spacious tables and a conducive atmosphere, Katipunan offers a lot of other great spots to work on thesis too.

Craft (Esteban Abada St.)

Tucked away behind the busy forefront of Katipunan Avenue is a tiny cafe called Craft. A small porch fronts the glass door that leads to the space itself, which is quite spacious for small groups of friends. On one side is a tall table for groups who want some extra leg space and want to be close to the electric outlet. However, Craft doesn’t offer Wi-Fi so you can’t do online research—it’s more of a venue for reading or writing sessions, the kind that require your full attention.

Craft is also popular for their wide selection of coffee, so make sure to browse their espresso menu. You can even customize your coffee by looking through their brew bar, and requesting for special combinations from their very accommodating baristas. The ambience is cozy and quiet, so it’s perfect if you prefer working somewhere you can relax with only a few people around.


Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon

Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon


Equatorial Coffee (F. Dela Rosa St.)

Equatorial Coffee is a simple café –  the interior is composed of small tables that are perfect for chitchat or a meal, but some people are able to fit in a book or their laptop to get some work done.

Once inside, you immediately get a glimpse of the variety of the cakes and brownies they offer. They have mini cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, and various brownies on display. They also serve waffles: choco-bacon, caramel banana walnut, and a la mode. If you’re not in the mood for sweets, you can choose from their pastas, sandwiches, or main courses that will fill you up. The salted caramel and green tea flavored frappes are some of the options you can pair with your meal or take to go.

This cafe is ideal for those who are working on their thesis solo or by pair. It’s also open as early as 8:00 AM—for those want to get started early—and is closed at 10:00 PM, which is something to keep in mind for people who plan on doing some evening studying. They also have Wi-Fi, so you can do some research online.


Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon

Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon


The Study (Regis Center)

The Study is a standout among the many the cafes and restaurants found in Regis Center. The name itself indicates that this place was made with the busy bee in mind. Conveniently located in front of Ateneo, students don’t have to walk far to get to this restaurant. Further along inside is a line of cubicles with sockets for your charging needs and pillows for comfort where students can opt to stay if they want more privacy. The whole place is also equipped with Wi-Fi for your internet needs.

The Study recently removed their Php 500 minimum purchase rule for their cubicles, so you can get one as long as there’s an availability and it’s definitely a comfortable space for a bigger group.

The food at The Study also has its own brand of uniqueness; Red Velvet Pancakes, Cheese-Stuffed Doritos, and crazy milkshakes like Butter Caramel—these are some of the latest food trends served by the Study.

If you prioritize finding a convenient and spacious place for your group to eat and work, The Study is a good choice, despite the occasional noise.


Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon

Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon


The Hive (Loyola Heights)

This brightly lit space is decorated with modern furniture and has a generally uplifting ambiance. Like the name suggests, the café is catered to busy “bees” looking for a “hive” to work at. The Hive has fast Wi-Fi and power outlets all-around, making it the perfect place to study.

They serve a wide variety of drinks, including coffee, tea, juice, and thick yogurt shakes, along with a delicious selection of desserts such as bingsoo (Korean shaved ice), which is great for relieving some stress while working. The Hive also has meals, like their chicken teriyaki steak and carbonara, which are reasonably priced—perfect for a student’s budget.

Seniors looking for a place to work on thesis should definitely add this to their list of options. Along with access to delicious food and drinks, the Hive has tables large enough for small groups to work in without feeling too stuffy or crowded, especially with the amount of thesis revisions and readings that are bound to accumulate throughout the semester. They’re open until 11:00 PM, so it’s a great place for late-night meetings.


Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon

Photo by Twinkle R. Liboon


Xocolat (Loyola Heights)

Xocolat, with its cute decorations and sugar-laden menu, is one of the more romantic spots in this list. While it may seem like a better spot for a date, Xocolat has also become an accessible spot for group studies or work. They also have a diverse menu, which includes pasta with a sauce that has white chocolate, as well as a myriad of chocolate-based concoctions.

Xocolat offers tables both outside and inside, so there are a lot of spots to choose from. They even have a second floor with larger tables perfect for bigger meetings, or for smaller groups that need a lot of table space to work on. They also offer free Wi-Fi to all their customers, along with accessible sockets all-around.

Another important thing to take into consideration when looking for the perfect thesis spot is the atmosphere, especially for those who will inevitably spend hours on their laptops in a state of constant revision. Their equally tense groupmates would benefit from spending their time in a more relaxed environment. Xocolat and their cheerful atmosphere makes them perfect for lightening up the mood to help students work better without feeling too overwhelmed.

With all the options Katipunan has available, seniors looking for a staple place to work on their thesis definitely have a lot to choose from. What matters is that the place is convenient, comfortable, and offers everything the group needs to efficiently work on their senior thesis project. Good luck, seniors!

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